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Michael Taylor, Program Director

Golden Gate for Seniors is CATS’ oldest program and one of the first in the country to recognize that seniors experience substance abuse problems and can change. We have 18 beds that serve homeless men and women in a residential substance abuse treatment program. While in the program, clients participate in group recovery sessions, individual counseling and case management that link them with benefits, housing and other needed services.

Residents stay an average of six months following an individually tailored recovery plan, which includes:
►    Counseling and case management
►    12-step meetings,
►    Education on alcohol and other drugs
►    Sound health practices
►    Development of interests and activities that are conducive to a sober lifestyle.

Criteria for admittance:
1. Age 55 or older
2. Able to walk safely up and down two flights of stairs
3. Willing and able to participate in a treatment plan including group therapy and 1-on-1 sessions with a Counselor
4. Willing to address psychiatric or medical barriers to treatment
5. Not previously admitted to GGS within the last 90 days
6. Able to attend an assessment appointment unintoxicated
7. Abstinent from drugs or alcohol for 72-hours prior to admission
8. Willing to address all forms of substance abuse, including alcohol abuse, illicit drug abuse, prescription medication abuse, gambling or sex abuse, and abuse        of other substances
9. All legal concerns are cleared for him to reside in the program
10. He/She continues to be available for admission (once his intake date comes due)
11. He/She is eligible for Governmental Assistance (GA), SSI/SSDI, or self pay (no insurance sponsored pay accepted)

Please note: GGS welcomes clients of any gender, ethnicity, race, religion or sexual orientation.

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Community Forward is not just one facility. We are a network of programs designed to work together to meet every stage of need--from first response to relapse prevention and all in between. 

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 Our continuum of care provides the tools to sobriety, treatment for substance abuse and a place to call home.

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The complex problem of homelessness leaves many in a desperate situation. In a city like San Francisco, filled with resources and energy, Community Forward is dedicated to helping this fragile population. 

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